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I don’t know about you, but in my bedroom closet is begging to be cleared out (and restocked with new clothes)! That’s why I’m dedicated the evening to cleaning out my closet. Here’s my strategy:

1. Three piles: Keep, Store, Donate. I am going to empty my WHOLE closet into these piles. I am going to be honest with myself about those jeans I can longer squeeze into and those sweaters from my mother in law that I will never ever wear: donate. The Donate bin will be taken to my car immediately so it doesn’t sit by the door in the hallway for a week.

2. The Store pile will be neatly folded (or hung) and placed into garment bags and plastic storage bins and hauled to the attic for storage until fall rolls around and I need my boots and ski pants.

3. Finally, what’s left of the clothes will be rehung and organized on my shelves.

Once I’m finished I’ll sprinkle some Glade carpet powder on the floor and give my room a thorough sweep. Finally I’m going to kick back and enjoy some Modern Family and wake up excited to see my clean closet in the morning.

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