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Who doesn’t love a good appetizer! What about a FREE appetizer?

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Who doesn’t love a good appetizer! 

Who doesn’t love a good appetizer when you go out to eat? Better yet who doesn’t love a good free appetizer! A great money saving tip is to check for your favorite restaurants website for online specials before you go out to eat. Frequently you will find free appetizers, meals, desserts, salads etc. If your going to a restaurant that has a Bar, keep an eye out for their “Happy Hour” as well which can include FREE appetizers. You can also continue to check here at Deals by Darlene for any specials I have found to help you save money when you go out to eat! As always check what stipulations that the restaurant may have for your FREE appetizer as it varies. 

GrantLees Civil War Themed Restaurant. Located in Farmington, Maine FREE Appetizer

The Homestead Restaurant & Tavern. Located in Bristol, New Hampshire has a FREE Appetizer promotion.




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