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Check out 10 Ways You Can Save Money at Home!

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Who doesn’t like to save money, it’s 2012 and saving money is a main priority on many many peoples list! Check out these 10 ways you can save money at home!

Compare your brand item to a generic brand/store brand, and consider switching. Everyone has a few things they just don’t budge when it comes to who makes it. However there are many products at home that have quality generic brand/store brand alternatives! Many people boast savings when switching to generic/store brands when it comes to their groceries so start saving today!

Consider “brown bagging” a couple days a week it when it comes to eating at work, make it a family affair and everyone can make their special brown bag lunch!

Everyone in the house have a cell phone? Then why keep the land line? Save money by getting rid of your homes phone when everyone has cell phones!

Make a list before shopping and stick to it. Go through you fridge, freezer, pantry and household products so you are armed with a complete list that you have no reason to stray from!

Try shopping at multiple stores that are located within a small radius. When I lived in Arizona I had within walking distance of my house and all on the same intersection a Walgreens, Safeway, Dollar Tree, and Albertsons. less than 3 miles away was a Walmart. I took advantage of these being close together (as not to waste gas and in Arizona heat you just want to get in and out before stuff starts melting!) I received their weekly flyers and compared sales on various items to save money on my grocery bill!

Cook at home often, adopt a type of weekly meal plan that you can include at least 1 night “meatless”, search for quick, cheap and easy recipes. My family cheap meal favorites are tater tot casserole, Cream of mushroom soup with hamburger meat (or not!) and egg noodles, or over rice.

Buy in Bulk when possible!

Check your dates! I habitually check the expiration dates on all products I buy. Its pointless for me to buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk that expires in 2 days. Sometimes you need to look around for different dated items. Or if its a constant thing you run into, check with the manager about delivery dates. For instance I know that my local grocery store has bakery goods, dairy and bread delivered on Mondays. Therefore I know I will get good long expiration dates on my bakery and bread….and they are likely to have reduced bakery on sale as well!

Freeze Ahead Meals! Pasta is a great thing to freeze, soups, burritos, most poultry dishes. Take advantage of sales, take a day or evening to make a large amount of these items and freeze for easy meals rather than going for take out because of the convenience!

Take the extra 5 minutes to check your receipt before you leave the store. You can save yourself money by finding any errors and going to the customer service counter right away. If your lucky they might even have a get the item free policy if its priced incorrectly!

Don’t forget to visit these great places to save you more money on items you buy every day!

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