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When I was a kid I lived in a very small town that had a grocery store called “Bobs IGA” and yes Bob really owned and ran it! I loved that store and everyone in town knew about Bobs IGA most people shopped at it versus the Safeway down the street because the savings was just that good!

Fast Forward 17 years and I moved to a little town called Wells, Maine from Scottsdale, Arizona. I found this small grocery store called Wells Super Food Market, after a few months new owners took it over and turned it into a IGA store as well. Not only do I find tons of deals but they have a full service meat and deli counter, meat packages that start at as low as 39.99 and they cryovac everything to my portion specifications (more money saving here less freezer burned stuff, fresher!). I highly recommend you search for these little gems as you could be saving more money!

One of the great things is these types of grocery stores are usually locally owned and ran just like Wells Super Food Market where I see the owners on a daily basis, greeting the customers and always improving their store!

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