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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: A few Goodies in Reduced Deli and Newman’s Diet Virgin Lemonade in Stock

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I took a mini walk around Shaw’s in Sanford and all I picked up were two packages of celery hearts marked down to 50¢ each.  They had more if you want them!

Here are my best picks:

Reduced Produce:

Celery Hearts $.50 each

Reduced Deli:

Pizza Lunchables, $2.79 (they had maybe 12)
 – $1 OFF peelie on the package = $1.79

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Roast Beef, 7 oz, $4.29
 – $2.00 OFF peelie on the package = $2.29

Shaw’s Tuna Salad, 15 oz tub, $3.49
 – $2.00 OFF peelie on the package = $1.49

Shaw’s Cole Slaw, 15 oz tub, $3.49
 – $2.00 OFF peelie on the package = $1.49

That’s about all the good deals I found in reduced.

I did noticed that they finally had Newman’s Own Diet Virgin Lemonade in stock. Those are on sale for $2 through 5/3… only $.50 if you have the $.75/1 coupon here. They are in the refrigerated section over with milk.

I also looked for the MilkBite bars just so I could plan my attack on Friday.  They are in with the cookie dough!  They are currently well stocked, but I’m going to tell the manager to stock up (I could not find him tonight) because with all the $.75/1 coupons we are printing, the stock will go quick!  I only plan on grabbing 4 (plus the 1 Fresh Take… see deal here) since I don’t have room to freeze them.


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