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I popped into Walmart tonight for more markers for my mother. You may remember that she has developed an addiction to coloring and has been coloring constantly since last November.  I print at least about 50 coloring pages for her every week and she goes through markers quick. Anyway, that’s not the point. 

The point is that as I walked in the door at Walmart, I noticed 6 shopping carts full of Easter clearance and everything in the carts was just $.10 each! There was no chocolate, but they did have lots of stuff you could pick up to use next year, like Easter grass, baskets, treat bags, plastic eggs, and so much more! They also had big bunny cookies… I really wanted those but I passed.  Instead I bought all the marshmallow candy for my mother. They were big “peeps” on a stick. I got 14 of them for $1.40!

If you happen to go to Walmart in Sanford, be sure you check the $.10 Easter clearance sale!


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