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I got all this stuff for only 43 CENTS and that includes tax!

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I walked around Walmart today and picked up some little freebies just for fun. I was sad that I could not find any Rayovac batteries for $.97. They had plenty the other day, but the battery display was nowhere to be found… and I asked, and searched and asked again and searched some more. No biggie! I’m not anywhere near close to being short on batteries :O)

I don’t know if any of the coupons I used are still available. I’m giving you the links in case you want to check.  If you shop at Sanford Walmart, the Spectracide and candles are in the garden center and they have plenty left. Lots of dental floss too!

I bought this stuff…
(2) Spectracide Bug Stop at $2.88 each
(1) Spectracide Wasp Killer at $2.97
(1) Spectracide Weed Stop at $2.97
(4) Cutter Citronella Candles at $.97 each
(4) Reach Dental Floss at $.97 each
I use these coupons…
(4) $3/1 Spectracide coupons
(4) $1/1 Cutter coupons
(4) $1/1 Reach coupons
Total was $19.46 + $.97 = $20.43
After coupons I paid only 43¢

Bug spray is something I have been wanting to stock up on since I started couponing but never found a deal until now!  I can’t believe I got FREE cans of bug spray and FREE weed killer too!  The weeds in my yard are beyond repair, but maybe I can kill those suckers that grow in the cracks of the cement walkway and driveway!


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