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I had a question for SavingStar and this is what they said

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A little while back I used a SavingStar eCoupon to get a $.75 refund on Chock Full o Nuts coffee.  The next day when I checked my SavingStar account, I saw that the Chock Full o Nuts offer was marked as Sold Out.

I know that even SavingStar eCoupons have their limits, meaning after a certain number of people activate the coupon, the coupon may no longer be available and is marked as sold out.  But I wondered, would I get my refund for my coffee now that the offer no longer existed?

I asked SavingStar if we still get our refunds if we activated an eCoupon before it was marked as Sold Out.  Here is their reply… :O)

Hello Darlene, Thank you for using SavingStar! If a coupon is marked as “Sold Out”, it means that customers cannot choose to use it if they have not already selected it. If you had selected the coupon before it was marked as “Sold Out”, then you may still use it. The Sold Out feature is just used to prevent any more customers from selecting the coupon, as it was selected the maximum amount of times. Thank You, Amy

That means as long as you activated the eCoupon before it was Sold Out, you can still use it and you will get your refund!  I got my refund for the coffee :O)

Just another good reason to ACTIVATE all the eCoupons when they come out! It may not be there for you later!

Learn about SavingStar here

And don’t forget to enter the SavingStar and Cafe Mom Giveaway for your chance to win 6 MONTHS of FREE GROCERIES!


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