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Every time I grab a new roll of toilet paper, I’m insanely aware that I just reduced the number of rolls in my stockpile and that worries me.  It worries me in a way that is not normal.  It worries me in a way that never lets me relax and appreciate the toilet paper I have on hand.  I’m constantly thinking I must find another toilet paper deal, a super cheap deal… or better yet, a free deal.

Never in my life before couponing did I worry about running out of toilet paper because all I had to do was go out and buy more. Now I feel like that is no longer an option for me.  As with everything in my stockpile, if I run out, I don’t even consider getting more unless it’s an awesome deal.  In many ways I am a slave to couponing.

I counted the rolls of toilet paper in my stockpile last night with the hopes that it would easy my worries.  I have 130 rolls and I still don’t feel safe, especially since only half the rolls are my favorite 1000 sheets per roll.  There is something very, very wrong with me.

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