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A few days ago I bought two cases of Matzos and it turned out to be quite the experience.  You can read up on it HERE.

I returned those boxes yesterday at Shaw’s.  Then I went over to do my reduced section walkabout and I noticed they had another shopping cart filled with a different kind of Matzo cracker.  Did I dare???  After opening a box and seeing that the color of the cracker matched the color of the cracker depicted on the box and was not a dark brown mess, I decided to give them a try!

SUCCESS!  These taste like crackers and not a charred stick that I removed from a fire pit!!!  They are crisp and tender and they will work in so many ways for me, in soup, with cheese, crumbled into meatloaf.  They are cheap enough to feed to my mother’s squirrel Pee Wee and the various birds that visit daily. And my mother, who is not a big fan of crackers, said she will like them cream cheese (she forgets that we may never have cream cheese… lol).  Even my dog Scruffy gleefully brought his piece of cracker to his bed and devoured it instead of spitting it out onto the floor.

These Matzos were single boxes marked down to $.25 each, so they worked out to the same price as the cases (5 for $1.25).  I bought only two boxes (I opened them both first to check the color) but I hope to get more… unless you get there before me.  If you do, feel free to scoop them up!  I’ll be just as happy if you get them as if I do :O)

Oh, all those clearance body washes and bar soaps that I mentioned are gone now. I hope I’m part of the reason they sold out… and I hope YOU got some!


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