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I usually have a smoothie in the middle of the day, but today I got up super early so I’m hungry early. Instead of having an early lunch (I don’t eat breakfast), I thought I’d have an early smoothie!

Here’s what I made using stuff I have in the freezer and fridge…

1 vanilla Dannon yogurt
a splash of milk, maybe 1/4 cup
a generous splash of Newman’s Own diet lemonade, maybe 1/2 cup
a generous splash of Gold Peak tea, maybe 1/2 cup
an entire tray of ice cubes

This is what I ended up with!  I can actually taste all three flavors, vanilla, lemon and tea!  I’m good at making just enough to fit into my favorite smoothie cup.

I have had that cup for maybe 25 years now.  I know my son was little when I got it and he’s 34 now. I think I got it at 7-11 with a Slurpee or something. I still use drinking glasses that I got from a gas station over 30 years ago too!

It tastes awesome!!!  Super creamy… almost like melted ice cream :O)


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