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Recycle magazines by making beautiful gift bows!

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I just LOVE finding new ways to recycle magazines! Here is an easy craft to turn your old mags into gift bows… brought to you by FaveCrafts!


  • 1 magazine page (or 8 ½ x 11” paper of your choice)
  • Small hole punch (or a sharp object for poking a small hole)
  • 1 metal brad
  • Scissors


1. Cut across the magazine page to make nine 3/4 to 1 inch strips.

2. Start with one strip and make a loop at one end.

3. Turn the strip and make a loop at the other end.

4. Use the small hole punch (or sharp object ~ be careful!!) to make a hole through all 3 layers of paper.

5. Place the brad through the hole.

6. Repeat with the remaining 8 strips.

7. Open the brad to hold all the strips in place.

8. Attach your finished bow using double sided tape.

By Allyson Spindler, Guest Contributor at FaveCrafts


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