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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: Lots of stuff in all the reduced sections!

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I just got back from Shaw’s in Sanford and if you happen to be heading out, stop by to check out their reduced sections.  I don’t have prices for you because I was in a hurry. Scruffy was in the car and even though it was cool enough for him, he tends to miss me :O)

Refrigerated reduced produce was full and I did see some whole celery stalks for $.99 each and bunches of other stuff.  In the reduced produce over by the swinging doors, they had lots of 3 pound bag of apples for $1.25 each, some green, some red.  Great for baking!  They were in good shape too.

Reduced deli had lots of stuff in it too, but I didn’t study it.  Reduced dairy had lots of hald gallons of Over the Moon milk and the ones I checked were $1.69, I think.  And I think you can get a $1/1 Over the Moon milk coupon here. They also had Shaw’s cottage cheese and some other things.

I also took down some prices of a few Essential Everyday items that you can pick up with the coupon in the new Shaw’s coupon book. I’ll post that in a bit.

Oh, and there was not a watermelon coupon to be found. I hope some of my local readers got some!  I gave one to an elderly couple who was purchasing only a watermelon. They said they had to bring it to a party tomorrow.  It was $7.99 but only $4.99 after the coupon. You would have thought I gave them gold!  Felt good :O)


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