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Shaw’s is rounding off their week of celebrating their 50,000 fans on facebook by offering their Dollar Doubler coupons. These were supposed to come out on Friday, but since they ran out of Thursday’s free cheese coupons so quick, they are posting the link to the dollar doublers now!

Shaw’s Dollar Doubler Coupons 5/11 thru 5/17

If you are not familiar with Dollar Doublers, here is how it works…

For one week (5/11 thru 5/17), you can bring your $1 off coupons to Shaw’s and they will double to $2.00 off when you also use Dollar Doublers! You can double up to (4) $1 coupons per transaction.

The good news is you only have to spend $15 to use the Dollar Doubler coupons. The bad news is that you are supposed to reach that $15 minimum after you scan your Shaw’s card and all other coupons. That includes the $1 off coupons you are doubling. That means you should be paying at least $11 per transaction if you follow the fine print ($15 after all other coupons minus the (4) Dollar Doublers = $11).

In the past, certain stores/cashiers/managers ignore that fine print (even if you point it out to them) and will let you use the Dollar Doublers even if you dip below the $15. That is between you and your store. I don’t bother with Dollar Doublers because there is no way I can get close to $15 after coupons. Ever.


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