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Sick of never getting the insert coupons that those “regional” people get? I have a solution for you!

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I have been couponing for one year now, and last week was the first time ever that I ordered coupons online.  I stayed clear from ordering coupons because I was afraid once I got started, I would not be able to control myself… LOL!  But I wanted to do a Register Rewards Depend deal for my mother at Walgreens and I needed some $1.50 Depend coupons.  So, off I went to find a clipping service.

I chose My Coupon Hunter!

What I like about My Coupon Hunter is there is no minimum order. I don’t want to spend $5 on coupons when I only need a few.  I ordered one lot of Depend coupons for $.80 (all her coupons come in lots of 5) and I paid $.45 postage. Total was $1.25 and I was able to use all 5 coupons at Walgreens to get my mother (5) 3-packs of Depend undergarments for a total of $2.99 OOP plus tax!  Totally worth $1.25 for the clipping service.  I may never clip another coupon!!!

The service I got was awesome!  My coupons shipped out same day and I got them just 2 days later.  When I thanked Virginia for her awesome service, I got a personal reply back and made a new friend!

Next time you wish you had the coupons you need, check out My Coupon Hunter! If you want coupons from a particular insert, just use the insert list in her sidebar.  Grab a cup of coffee because you’re going to get addicted to her site!


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