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Earlier today I posted a deal for Lloyd’s BBQ tubs.  After that post I walked around the Sanford Walmart and discovered the small tubs are priced at $2.50, just like Paul over at I Heart the Mart said :O)

I also noticed the price on the larger tubs, so I thought we’d do a little math problem to see which size is the better bargain with the coupon:

Small tubs of Lloyd’s BBQ at Walmart are $2.50 for 2 tubs at 4 oz each, so a total of 8 oz. After the $1/1 Lloyd’s BBQ Tub printable coupon, you end up paying $1.50 for 8 oz, so 1.50/8 = .187 so almost $.19 per oz.

Large tubs of Lloyd’s BBQ at Walmart are $3.98 for 18 oz. After the $1/1 Lloyd’s BBQ Tub printable coupon, you end up paying $2.98 for 18 oz, so 2.98/18 = .165 so almost $.17 per oz.

Usually buying small is the way to go when using coupons. But, in this case you will save $.02 per ounce by buying 1 large tub instead of the 2-pack of smaller tubs! However, you are spending more out of pocket and you will either have to eat up the whole large tub or separate it yourself for freezing. The choice is yours!


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