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Darlene’s Concoctions: Ramen Quiche Soup with Classic Lobster

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I didn’t know what to eat for lunch today because I really was not in the mood for anything in particular. So, I took the easy way out and was going to fix some ramen noodles from my stockpile that I got for pennies during my $12 CHALLENGE.

Then I got fancy…

After adding the noodles to the pot, I decided to throw in a small can of wax beens and 1/2 a can of corn.  I still have lots of cans of veggies from this HANNAFORD ROAD TRIP last November and from this old ROAD TRIP (no breakdown but I spent only $2.61 on that trip).

I also added maybe 2 spoonfuls of Essential Everyday pasta sauce that I stocked up on last December when Shaw’s came out with their old HOLIDAY coupon book. I love a bit of tomato sauce in my soup and we almost always have a jar open in the fridge.

Then I remembered that I still have a few frozen packages of spinach from last October when I got THIS GREEN GIANT DEAL at Shaw’s. I had been saving the spinach for quiche but I tossed one in the pot of soup.

Then I was like… hmmm how about quiche soup!?!  I still have frozen scrambled eggs from when I got 12 DOZEN FREE EGGS last December. So, I tossed a bag of my frozen scrambled eggs (they were cooked, then frozen) into the pot!

Next I wanted some kind of meat. We don’t have much meat in the house right now, but we do still have some Lobster Classic from THIS SALE last month.

Then I sprinkled on some free pizza cheese that I got during the $12 CHALLENGE (I freeze cheese) then I tossed on some free croutons that I got in this SAVINGSTAR deal back in March!

I’ve got to tell you… this soup was awesome!  I did add more of the broth after the picture… oh, and I happened to use the beef flavored ramen.  And the best thing about this tasty lunch is that it was practically FREE!


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