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I was just thinking about the Clackers I had as a kid. I must have been about 10 years old when I got them.  They looked very much like the ones above except mine were green.

Clackers were a dangerous toy!

Some Clackers had more of a handle, but mine had just the little ring to hang on to like you see above. You hung on to that ring then moved your hand up and down really quick to make the balls clack back and forth LIKE THIS.

The acrylic balls were hard as a rock and at any time I could have easily let the ring slip from my grip and put those clackers through the TV, or worse, into the head of anyone watching me show off my clacking techniques.

I used my Clackers so much that the cords near the base of the ball were fraying… another accident waiting to happen.  I bet those Clackers are still somewhere in this house.

Did you own Clackers???


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3 comments to Do you remember Clackers?

  • Sandysea

    I think you and I had them at the same time, I think mine were red. As I recall my parents were very concerned about my teeth. Remember, Be careful, Those could knock your teeth out.  I must have heard that a million times. 🙂 by the way –    My teeth are still intact.

  • darlenemichaud

    Funny how we had dangerous toys yet managed to survive!

  • Hpmn

    I, too, owned clackers.  They were awesome.  They mysteriously disappeared one day.  I often wondered if my Dad threw them away after I banged my kmuckles up.