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** CONFIRMED FAKE ** FREE SAMPLER Box of Citrus Country Groves Oranges – See why I’m skeptical about this one!

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See FAKE FREEBIE Update Below!


I just requested my FREE sampler box of oranges over on the Citrus Country Groves facebook page.  But, after I sent my request, an ad popped up for Mary Kay.  I just X’d out of that page and I saw that my request for the oranges went through. This is what it said…

It just did not feel right.  Why send me to a Mary Kay offer (or whatever it was) after requesting a sample of oranges? And are they really going to send everyone free oranges with not even a mention of a limit?

I thought I’d check their actual facebook page to see what others were saying and I spotted something odd… they don’t even have the name of the company spelled right on their facebook page!


I highly doubt I’ll see any oranges… LOL!  I hate to even give you the link, but I’ll give it to you in case you at least want to look at that silly facebook page…. Citrus Contry Groves.  Geez!

I found this from a reputable blog, but won’t mention names just in case it’s a bogus deal, which I’m quite sure it is, and I’m sure the blogger is not aware.

I think someone just set up a facebook page with a fake “free oranges” offer to redirect us to other offers that catch us in a trap. So, consider this post a warning if you see it posted on other blogs!

UPDATE:  I knew this had to be fake!

Here’s what Coupon Clipinista has to say about it…

There is a FAKE FREEBIE out there Oranges Sampler Box. Citrus Country Groves on Facebook says they will send you a FREE BOX OF ORGANIC ORANGES if you fill out the form and like their page.

1. They have less then 300 fans (they have more now)

2. If you don’t fill out the form and leave it blank and submit it still goes through (classic sign of FAKE freebies)

3. The address, 18200 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764, on their facebook page is which is actually the address to Dick Norris Buick GMC

Clipinista didn’t mention the part about the name being spelled wrong, so make that number 4 on the list! That was enough for me to guess it was fake! LOL


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1 comment to ** CONFIRMED FAKE ** FREE SAMPLER Box of Citrus Country Groves Oranges – See why I’m skeptical about this one!

  • wishyouknew2

    I used to work for Citrus Country Groves when I lived in FL….they closed their stores earlier this year….