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I am so tickled with this laundry detergent deal that I got!  It all worked exactly as planned.  My Coupon Hunter had the coupons on her site, I ordered them, they came in time for the sale, and my CVS had stock!  I just love it when stuff like that happens!

I paid $4.62 for all the detergent you see and that includes tax.  They were on sale last week at CVS for $1.49 each and I had (5) coupons for $1/2 Xtra.  I also had some ExtraBucks that I used to pay it down. I used several CVS cards (mine, my mothers, my husbands) and on two of those cards I got $1 EB in return for using my Green Bag Tag, so I have $2 left to spend!

I s-t-r-e-t-c-h my laundry detergent to make it last longer by using my borax booster method (see that laundry tip HERE). That means those 10 jugs you see will really be like 40 jugs.  We don’t do much laundry, so this is enough detergent for the next 3 years.  And since I still have 4 or 5 jugs in my stockpile, I’m set for a long time!

I hope by showing you some of the deals I get, I can help turn newbies on to couponing. I’ve been couponing for just over a year now and the amount of money I save is shocking.  Shocking!  I was one of those skeptics that swore it could not be done, then with the help of one blogger in particular… I did it!  I know I have not thanked her in a long time, but I owe is all to Chrystie Corns over at I Love to Gossip. Thank you CC!


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