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I got 6 loaves of bread at the Nissen store in Springvale for $2

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I don’t know if you realize that the Nissen Bakery outlets sell “bird bread” at $2 for 6 loaves (at least the one in Springvale does).  They usually have holes punched in the bags and are sometimes even squished. They do this so they know you really are buying it to feed the wildlife.

I shop there for bread for my mother’s squirrels.  I don’t mind that the bread is sometimes smashed because I totally flatten the loaves to take up less room in the freezer (we don’t want the squirrels to get moldy bread!).

But, once in a while, I get lucky and catch them while they are just pulling the bread off the shelf… and today was that lucky day!

I got 6 loaves of bread right off the shelf for just $2 total!  The “best by” date is tomorrow, so perfect for freezing today.  Boy oh boy, we the squirrels are going to love this bread!

The Springvale Nissen store also sells a cart full of bread for only $4.00!!!  I’ve never bought a cart full before, so not sure how many loaves you get.


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