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** STILL AVAILABLE ** FREE Gevalia CoffeeMaker wyb 4 Boxes Coffee and FREE Shipping – Only $9.99 for Everything!

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This is my FREE coffeemaker! I got all this for $9.99 total and FREE shipping!

This is my son’s coffeemaker! The deal was so good that I got him one too!

I know lots of you already ordered your free coffeemakers, but I’m going to put the offer out there again for my new fans and followers because this is ONE AWESOME DEAL!!!

I took advantage of this deal for myself and also sent one to my son.  I love, love, love my new coffeemaker with one exception… it uses cone filters and I have regular filters. But I quickly solved that problem (see below).

Here’s the awesome deal with step by step instructions for you.  Please note that I ordered several weeks ago so some of the steps might be different:

Get a FREE Coffeemaker when you buy 4 boxes of Gevalia coffee for $9.99 (that’s $9.99 total, so only $2.50 per box!) and FREE shipping!

Start by clicking HERE

Then go ahead and choose your 4 coffee flavors (or tea) and add them to your shopping cart
I found this to be the hardest step because I just could NOT decide!  I ended up picking Ugandan African Moon, Abyssianian Mokka, Creme Brulee and Royal Vinter Spice.  Don’t worry if you don’t like fancy flavors… they have regular coffee too!  I got regular for my son :O)

On the next page you will add your FREE coffeemaker (yippee!)

Then you need to schedule your auto-delivery
DON’T WORRY! You can cancel before the next shipment. There is NO commitment! I chose 4 weeks to give me plenty of time to cancel (and I already cancelled). After your order arrives you can cancel and you still keep the coffeemaker! You can cancel online or call this number to cancel but wait until after you get your order! 1-800-438-2542 UPDATE: After I cancelled I was never bothered by them to reschedule. Their customer service is awesome and you will have no issues canceling your auto shipments!

I think on the next page you will see that the $5.95 shipping charge has been subtracted… FREE SHIPPING!
I don’t know how the free shipping lasts, so don’t drag your feet!

The rest is just a matter of entering your credit card and shipping info.  Just make sure you see your 4 boxes of coffee in your order and your free coffeemaker and the total should be $9.99!

I hope these steps help!  If you have any questions, just ask me!

This makes an awesome gift for any birthday, a wedding shower, a house-warming party, or you can even put it away for Christmas! You might want to just give the coffeemaker away and keep the coffee for yourself (tee hee)

Here’s how you can use regular filters in the cone shape cup…

I take my filter and fill it with coffee like this (I’m sure you didn’t need to see a photo for this step! LOL)

Then I fold both sides over like this…

Finally, I fold the open ends over like to create a little pouch, like this…

Then I tuck that into the bottom of the coffeemaker cup!  It works like a charm! The Gevalia coffee is very fine and with my little coffee pouch method, you get no grinds in your coffee!  If one pouch is not enough (you can’t fill it too much), use two!

Here’s another tip for you to help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h your coffee.  When I make a pot of coffee, I take the coffee pouch out and I put it in a little bowl a put it in the refrigerator. The next morning, I put a new pouch in my coffeemaker cup then I put yesterday’s pouch on top of that. There is still plenty of coffee left in that day old pouch!

When my coffee is ready, I toss the older top pouch then I put the newer one in the fridge to recycle it the next morning! This is a great way to cut back on how much coffee you use. You can get away with half of what you normally use simply by reusing the grinds from the previous day too!


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