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Watch for CHEAP Red and Green Peppers in Shaw’s Reduced Produce

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Shaw’s will have red and green peppers on sale starting Friday for only $1.49 a pound.  That’s an awesome price! But, when something in produce is on sale, if it makes it over to the reduced section… it’s even cheaper!

Lately the peppers have been marked down to $1.29 per pound in reduced which is still too high for me.  I like them cheaper!  I’m willing to pay up to $.99 per pound, but not a penny more.  And that’s only if I’m desperate for peppers. I like them even lower, like when I got them for $.20 per pound!  I got all the peppers you see in the pic above for only $.62 total (back in Dec). That’s only $.10 per pepper!

When you find peppers in reduced for a great price, buy them all, cut them into fairly big pieces, boil them for about 2 or 3 minutes then drain well. Freeze them in individual baggies or in one big bag (toss the bag a few times while freezing so they won’t stick together). You will have peppers for sauces, stir-fry, and pizza whenever you need them!  Just defrost what you need and cut to size!


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