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*** ALERT *** Hannaford Catalina Not Working at Self Scan

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I just got back from Hannaford. I was going to do my little catalina run and I decided to test the self scan with 4 items.  The catalina did not spit out!

I was told that we must go to a cashier.  However, I know for a fact I did it at self scan last year, and at several Hannaford stores, and it worked like a charm.  So, either this is something new, or it’s just Sanford, or the catalina was out of paper or something (but the green light was on) and the manager just assumed you can’t do it at self scan.

The good news is all I had to do was go to a cashier and she rang up the 4 items again, voided it so I did not have to pay, and I got my $1 cat.

As I have stated before, test your self scan with only 4 items.  I still have a feeling self scan will work, at least at some other stores. Please let me know if the cat spits out at the self scan at your store!


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