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HANNAFORD SPECIAL: Buy 4 Hannaford or My Essentials, Get $1 Back

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Hannaford is running their Hannaford & My Essentials catalina special early this year! Starting July 29 through August 18, you an earn money buying Hannaford and My Essentials items!  In past years they ran this sale closer to Thanksgiving. Let’s hope they do it again then!

This is a very good deal to do, so pay attention, okay?  Here’s how it works…

For every 4 Hannaford or My Essentials items you buy, you will get a $1 catalina coupon toward your next purchase. You can earn up to $10 in one transaction, meaning you can pick up 40 items at a time.  If you pick up more than 40, you will still only get $10… so never buy more than 40 at once!

You must buy in groups of 4.  If you buy 8 items, you will get $2, 12 items, $3, 16 items, $4 and so on.

Variable weight items do not count, such as meat, produce, seafood, bakery and deli. If you buy prepackaged items that do not vary in weight, that’s okay.

The best way to shop this deal is to only buy a few items up front, then start rolling over the catalinas.  Here’s an example using the My Essentials yogurt.

Let’s say you want to stock up on 12  yogurts. This is a good way to do it:

Buy (8) My Essentials yogurts at $.50 each, total $4.00
Pay $4.00 at the register and get a $2.00 catalina
Then buy (4) more yogurts at $.50 each, total $2.00
Use your $2.00 catalina from previous transaction
Get these (4) for FREE
Total paid out of pocket for all 12 yogurts is $4.00 so only $.33 each plus you will get another $1.00 catalina for next time!

Of course, you do not have to do all your shopping in bits and pieces like that.  If you don’t want to be at the store forever, and if you have lots of stuff to buy, I suggest you buy about 20 items to start, get your $5 catalina coupon, then buy 20 more and use the cat to pay it down. Then just keep going! Buy the least expensive items you can find to score the best deals!

This is an excellent time to stock up on canned goods!!!  I still have plenty of canned goods from when they did this sale last year!

Here’s a canned veggie scenario for you:

Buy (20) cans My Essentials veggies, 8 oz, at $.45 each, total $9
Pay $9 at the register and get $5 catalina coupon
Then buy (12) more cans, 8 oz, at $.45 each, total $5.40
Use $5 catalina from previous transaction
Pay $.40 for those 12 cans
You get 32 cans total for $9.40 out of pocket, so only $.29 per can!
And you will get a $3 catalina toward next purchase!

TIP: Go to Hannaford’s site and plan your strategy. Do the math! Figure out the best scenarios!  On their site you can sort by Private Label so you can see just the Hannaford and My Essentials items. You can also sort by price, low to high, so you can find the cheapest items. Since this catalina is based on how many you buy, not on price, you SAVE MORE MONEY by buying the cheapest items you can find! Stock up!

NOTE: you will see bloggers including the catalina in the first transaction to give you a “net” amount. I don’t do it that way because no matter what, you are paying out of pocket the first time around. Using the yogurt as an example, if you buy (4), you will pay $.50 each up front, so $2 for (4). I do not count the catalina that you get in that transaction and say that you are only paying $.25 each after the catalina. You would pay $.25 each for the next (4) after using the cat on those (then do an average for all), but you will always pay full price on the first transaction, no matter what you buy. Confused? You will learn as you go!


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