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Gee wiz!  I had no clue today was Monday. Every day with Skylar seems the same. We get up, she wears me out, she naps, I work, then she wears me out again.

But today, even after going to the beach, she did NOT nap. She lasted from 7am to 9:30pm and it was all go go go!  So, I never once thought about the Shaw’s scan coming out!

It’s here!  And I know there are some great deals and even a gas card deal that I’d love to tap into. But there is no way I can come up with matchups right now because I already took my Ambien and I’m going goo goo ga ga.

Shaw’s Flyer Preview for Week of 7/13 thru 7/19 – Nice full page view for you!

And now my pillow is calling!!!  Good night!


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