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Check your McDonald’s for the New Halloween Treats Coupon Book – 12 FREE Items!

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There is a new coupon book at McDonald’s that you can buy for $1.00. In return, you will get coupons for 12 FREE items!

I know from the past coupon books that not all McDonald’s carry them. Call your location to see if they do. If not, ask where you can get them!

UPDATE: looks like many McDonald’s will carry this but just don’t have them yet.  Ask!!!

McDonald’s Halloween Treats Coupon Book, $1.00

Contains coupons for the following:

(4) FREE Apple Slices
(4) FREE Small Cones
(4) FREE Milk Chugs or Juice Boxes
That’s a total of 12 items!

And guess what??? There is NO expiration date! But a bunch of coupon books and save them for future treats!

If Sanford has these coupon books, I’m buying a bunch for my mother. She loves the ice cream cones and those coupons alone with pay for the book! But she’ll love the apples slices and milk too :O)

Thanks for the heads up Time 2 Save Workshops!


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