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Want to know if your Walmart carries Farm Rich Snacks in “Try Me” Size? DO THIS!

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I can’t believe I never thought to post this tip.  It’s probably because I always forget this tip!

I’m going to show you how you can know if your Walmart carries a certain food item. It will not give you the price, but it will show if your store has that product in stock!

Right now we have a hot, hot, HOT deal on Farm Rich Snacks in “Try Me” size (SEE HERE).  We also have the opportunity to print lots of coupons! But before you go print crazy (like I’m about to get as soon as I post this tip), check to see if your Walmart carries the Try Me size!

First, go to Walmart.com

Then look for the My Store arrow at the top of that page then when that opens, scroll down to where it says “see more stores” (assuming you need to change your store)

 Change your location if needed by clicking the “change location” tab

Once you have your store selected, type in whatever you are searching for in the search box

I looked up “farm rich” and I saw lots of varieties in my Walmart!  I clicked on one of the Try Me sizes and I see that it is IN STOCK in Sanford!!!

Let’s try to remember this tip, okay?  It’s going to change our lives!!!


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