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I’ve been getting lots of feedback over whether or not we can use printed internet BOGO coupons at Shaw’s.  The answer is YES, at least in Sanford.  I just got off the phone with Sanford Shaw’s to confirm that there have not been any recent changes. We read the policy together and printed internet bogo coupons are allowed. (Thanks Jen!)

Here is the current bogo policy as it stands in the Sanford Shaw’s.  This means that if your bogo coupon is for a value of less than $5.00, you do not need approval. You only need approval if the value is $5.00 or more.

If you look at the policy of the Shaw’s website, you will see the OLD policy which states they do not allow printed bogo coupons.  They did not post the new policy because the policy varies by state, so they left the old one on their site and they mention that it can vary by state.  You need to ask for the policy at YOUR STORE and insist they read from the copy at the register and NOT from the wording online.  It’s the copy at the register that counts!

Here’s the old policy that Shaw’s has online. It’s possible that your store still follows this policy, but ask for a copy of the policy at the store!  Do not go by the online policy because as they state above, it can vary!

The bottom line is that you need to go by the written policy in your store.  Please do not tell others that they can’t use a printed internet bogo coupon at Shaw’s because chances are very good that they can and it’s confusing enough as it is LOL.

If your store is refusing printed internet bogo coupons, please let me know which store and I’ll be happy to call to see if they really know what they are talking about!  Guess what? They might be giving you the wrong info! Honestly, I’ll be happy to call and will not mention any names!

You can see the newest policy and the old policy HERE

I hope this helps a little bit! 

And remember, this confusion only applies to printed internet bogo coupons.  Bogo coupons from the inserts or tear pad bogo coupons are fine and dandy and will not make anyone shake their head and wonder :O)



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