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I didn’t think I’d ever need Lava soap, but I do! Only 49 CENTS per bar at Walmart

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When I was a kid, we always had Lava soap in the bathroom.  I remember how rough it was but how it helped to get the stinky fish bait smell off my father’s hands (lobsterman).  My next thought was how I would probably never again in my entire life see Lava soap in my bathroom again. I certainly didn’t think I’d ever have any use for it.

True story… I was just about to post a deal for Lava soap but we lost power.  Since I’m in no way prepared for a power outage (in big denial), I went into the cellar to get the oil lamps.  There were filthy. I took the metal top off one of them, squirted dish soap on it, turned the water on and started to rub it.  It was like I was washing tar or something.  And it won’t come off.  Lava is sounding like a good thing to have in my stockpile right about now!

Here’s the deal at Walmart:

Buy (1) Lava Twin Pack at $1.97
Use (1) $1/1 Lava Twin Pack or Two Bars printable coupon
Final price is only $.97 for 2 bars so only $.49 each!


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