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List of Cereals in Shaw’s GM 4 for $11 Deal starting 10/12

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Here is a list of the cereals in the 4 for $11 GM sale!  Remember, when you buy 4 a coupon will print on your receipt for a FREE gallon of milk!  You can see a scenario HERE!

D\Ypl Frz Smth Strw 7047028596
Ypt Frz Smth Strw/Bn 7047028597
Ypl Frz Smth Trp Bry 7047028599
Yplt Smthie Choc/Ban 7047043283
Yplt Sm Strw/Ban Grk 7047044333
Yplt Sm Mxed Bry Grk 7047044334
D/Yplt Smthie Blu/ 7047047488
Gm Cookie Crsp 1600027517
Gm Kix 8.7 Oz 1600027525
Gm H/N Cheerio 12.25 1600027527
Trix 10.7 Oz 1600027532
Gm Total Wh Grn 16 1600027563
Gm Frstd Tst Crunch 1600043018
Big G Cnmn Tst Cr 12 1600043472
Gm Total Wh Grn 16 1600065890
Gm Kix 8.7 Oz 1600066310
Gm H/N Cheerio 12.25 1600066590
Gm Cookie Crsp 1600082540
Gm H/N Cheerio 12.25 1600066590
Gm Cookie Crsp 1600082540

Thanks Dan from Shaw’s facebook page!


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