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NEW COUPON: $.75/1 Any Earthbound Farm Product – FREE Carrots at Shaw’s

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

The Earthbound Farm coupon is back!  This prints for ANY Earthbound Farm product. You do not have to use it for the image on the coupon!

Sanford Shaw’s Shoppers: The carrots are currently on sale in Sanford for $.99.  You will get a $.20 overage per bag since the coupon will double up to the regular price of $1.19… at least in Sanford! Remember, only 4 “like” coupons will double. If you pick up 4 pounds, you will make $.80 toward other stuff!

Facebook fan Beth said she found Earthbound Farm Hearts of Romaine at Shaw’s (not sure which one) for $1.99, so only $.49 after the coupon doubled!  Look around your store!

You can also pick up Earthbound Farm carrots at Walmart. They are priced at $1.14 in Sanford, so only $.39 for a pound bag!

$.75/1 Any Earthbound Farm Product (you will need to register or log in) –  This prints out for ANY Earthbound Farm product… ignore the pic on the coupon!

*** PRINTING TIP *** If you register with different email addresses, you can get extra prints on the same computer! I print 8 coupons on one computer using 4 of my email addresses!


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