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We got a Shaw’s printable store coupon this week that has me quite confused.  The coupon is for $1/1 Shaw’s or Essential Everyday Frozen Bagels

I see in this week’s flyer that the Essential Everyday frozen bagels are on sale for $1.69 this week.  Does refrigerated mean frozen?  I have not shopped for bagels in forever and don’t know if they carry both refrigerated and frozen.

Then I see others saying they are getting their bagels for $.39 after the coupon, but I can’t get anyone to nail down if they actually picked up frozen or if they used the Q on shelf bagels not realizing the Q is for frozen. They obviously didn’t buy refrigerated because those are $1.69, so somewhere there has to be bagels for $1.39!

Does anyone know the price of those freakin’ FROZEN bagels???

Maybe the sale price is different by region? No matter what, you should print that coupon and take it with you because you may get some cheap bagels and it will count toward your SavingStar Essential Everyday threshold!

And if you DO pick up bagels, don’t forget the cream cheese!!!  Shaw’s has the Essential Everyday Brick Cream Cheese on sale for $1.69 this week or you can use the $1.00 off coupon on the Soft Cream Cheese (not sure of price, not sure of anything right now! LOL) and that, too, will go toward your SavingStar deal

UPDATE: The soft cream cheese is priced at $2.79, so $1.79 after the Q. Thank you T!


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