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** YIPPEE ** $5/$12 Stone Ridge Creamery SavingStar Offer

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Just last night, my mother ate the very last of the cheapo Breyers ice cream I got for $.38 during Shaw’s daily deals a couple of weeks back.  So, I went on a mission to find a good ice cream deal… and I found one!

SavingStar just gave us a terrific offer on Stone Ridge Creamery.  When we spend $12 on Stone Ridge Creamery, in one trip or many, by 11/28, we will get a $5.00 SavingStar refund!

ACTIVATE:  $5/$12 Stone Ridge Creamery SavingStar Offer

Now, here’s what we are going to do… we will activate the deal now, but we will wait for a sale or maybe Shaw’s will give us a store Stone Ridge Creamery coupon. We have well over a month to find the right time to buy Stone Ridge Creamery ice cream to really make good use out of that SavingStar offer! The best way to max out our savings is to just wait a bit.

ICE CREAM TIP: Yesterday I added some fun ingredients to melted ice cream (yes, I put it away in the refrigerator, not the freezer… silly me) and it came out awesome!  It was coffee ice cream and I added walnuts, chopped up Lindt truffle and pieces of chocolate covered grahams, mixed it all up then froze it. It was superb!  I want to make pop tart ice cream next. I’ve got the pop tarts, just need the ice cream!

Learn more about SavingStar here




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