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Growing Up in Maine

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Driving Down a Mississippi Country Road with Music

The Bee Gees on 8-track – How I Discovered Music

First Rehearsal in 16 Months

Why I’m meeting with the Mayor of Hernando, MS

I’m joining a band and will be playing live music again!

Day 13 of this Ridiculous Thanksgiving Giveaway – Win a $20 Gift Card!

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We are getting close to the end of this giveaway!  Not close enough, but close! LOL

Honestly, I can’t thank everyone enough for having such a good sense of humor over this never-ending contest. I am totally embarrassed that I set it up to last 15 days! 

As you may know, my intention was to see if I could get 500 comments on this post.  I did! Plus more! So, for that, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I think my fans and followers rock!!!  Really, I do. You all make blogging a joy for me. Really, you do!

We are on day 13 of 15! The pain is almost over! LOL

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To make the toilet paper Thanksgiving Turkey you see above, visit Darlene’s Crafty Crew!

And here is a Sneak Peek at the Christmas Giveaway! This one will not drag on forever. And I think it will be fun!  :O)

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