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Day 14 of my Thanksgiving $20 Gift Card Giveaway – We are so close!

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Let’s start to break out the bubbly because this giveaway is almost over!  You can enter again today (if you haven’t yet) and one last time tomorrow (Thursday) and I will be picking a random winner!

NOTE: I will be picking a winner at some point before 3pm on Thursday, so be sure you enter early!

Just so you know, here’s how I pick the winner… I get an email alert each time you leave a comment. If you entered more than once in any one day, I delete the duplicate emails. Then I order the emails from oldest to newest in a folder. I pick a number at and I count down the list of emails. Then I check to see if that person is indeed signed up for my daily email. If they are, they win! If not, I pick another number until I pick a verified email subscriber.

We are on day 14 of 15! I can feel the headache subsiding! LOL

To make the Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Treats you see above, visit Darlene’s Crafty Crew!

Remember, you need to enter you comment on the original post. Follow the link below to get there.

It looks like I might reach over 700 comments!  You all rock!

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