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** HIGH VALUE ** $14 off and $7 off Tena Incontinence Products – FREE at Walmart

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

The super high value Tena incontinence product coupons are back!  There is a $7.00 off Tena pads and a $14 off Tena underwear. Both of these coupons can get you free incontinence products at Walmart!

These coupons come via snail mail.  I have gotten them before for my mother.  I think you can request one and then the other, but I think you need a different email address.  The mailing address can be the same, I think.

There is also a $1.00 off any Tena product, but gee wiz, who wants that piddly coupon when there are high value ones!

$7/1 Tena Incontinence Pads via snail mail
$14/1 Tena Incontinence Underwear via snail mail

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6 comments to ** HIGH VALUE ** $14 off and $7 off Tena Incontinence Products – FREE at Walmart

  • Jan Mullen

    Darlene, I just received the $14.00 coupon in the mail today. Should get the other one soon. We also used my hubby’s email to get another set for you. Where would you like me the mail them to you. You can answer in my email if you like. Will get them out to you soon. Jan M.

  • I have registered for both and will mail them to you once they are received.

  • Patricia N.

    Did you mean to use the word ‘piddly’ when referring to a coupon for an incontinence product?

  • tina

    Just signed up. Will let you know when i get them.

  • Jan M.

    I just registed for both offers. Would be happy to get them to you once I receive them in the mail. Jan M.