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Christmas Challenge – Let’s all buy ONE gift this week

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A few days ago, I started a Christmas Challenge to help us save money on Christmas gifts (see here). You probably thought that was the last you would hear about that challenge, but oh no! I’m going to be reminding you every week through November!

Our task for this week is to buy one gift. Just one!  And it does not have to be anything fancy.  It can be a dollar store stocking stuffer if you want!

If you don’t have anyone to shop for, you can still join this challenge and buy gifts to donate to kids in need. Or you can build a stockpile of non-perishables to donate to a food pantry for the holidays.

So, buy ONE Christmas gift for someone on your list and if you want, maybe you can also pick up a donation gift. Even a dollar store stuffed animal is nice! Just think, one dollar store toy per week would not put a dent in our wallets and we’d have about 40 gifts to donate for Christmas!

When you buy your gift, post a comment or on my facebook page and let us know you completed the task!  Look for clearance gifts or things on sale. The fun part about this challenge is that we are going to shop BIG for very LITTLE money! It’s like a scavenger hunt!  I’m excited!


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9 comments to Christmas Challenge – Let’s all buy ONE gift this week

  • Tasha

    I found some discount headband set with alot of extras for girls $1.99 but only found 2 at wtvl K-mart. now I think i might head to target to score some cheap Circo bed sheets.

  • Ann Marie aylward

    I was in mass today and scored big! Two character Barbie type dolls (omg I’m tired can’t remember the names but the evil octopus and Ariel’s dad), $3.99. I also got a full figurine set from Brave,$3.99 ( normally $19.99). I also got an awesome journal for 5.99 but normally $19.99). Perfect for my writer. I have to buy more than one a week… I have 7 kids, I have clearance shopped for ions!

  • Patricia N.

    I went to the Hallmark store today and checked out the 90% off clearance. I got a baby’s first Christmas ornament for my grandson-to-be. It has interchangeable charms for 2012 and 2013. It is a Hallmark ornament and only cost me $2 plus tax, regular $19.95.

  • Teresa Ward

    Shopping on Friday and I have coupons — Woot! AC Moore, JoAnn and Michael’s — I’m sure I will find something for Christmas present(s)

  • Alice

    Darlene, I am thrilled that you have added this for others to take advantage of! Every year we always give to our local church, giving tree, we pick a star for coat, pants, socks, Jammie’s ect. I always shop at this time of year and stock up on a few goodies. The remainder goes to our local food kitchen of nyone who may need something . Thank you again!

  • I was so excited to try this….. but i am not sure if I will have the spare money this summer without cutting into other things that are necessary….. time to re check my budget….

    • Darlene

      Lacey, if you start couponing, you will for sure have spare money! You’ll have money for bills and gifts! 🙂

  • Monica

    Bought A gift in the Mall – I never shop at the Mall , PACSUN is having a 70% off sale I got a winter wool Jacket 12 bucks and a 69.00 pair of skinny Jeans for 10 bucks

  • Jess

    I absolutely love this idea, Darlene!