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** Christmas Challenge Update ** What did you pick up last week?

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I started a Christmas Challenge recently to help us get a huge jump on Christmas shopping this year. Not only will we get our shopping done early, but our goal is to cut our Christmas shopping expenses drastically by shopping for sale or clearance items that we find each month.

My new personal goal with this challenge is 4 gifts per month for family and 4 gifts per month for donation. As we get closer to Christmas (let’s not rush that, please!) we can look for good organizations to donate our gifts to, for those of us who are also doing the donation part of the challenge. Even if we pick up just one dollar store gift per week, we will each have about 40 gifts to donate to kids in need when the challenge is over!  And we won’t even notice the cost!

Many of you posted the Christmas treasures you already found, but those posts on facebook get lost and not everyone gets to know about the gifts you scored.  So, what I’m going to do is have a Christmas Challenge Update every Sunday and you can leave a comment as to whether or not your were successful at finding any gifts the previous week!

If not for this challenge, I would not have any gifts purchased yet. But, seeing as how I started this, I really need to stick with the program, don’t you think?  So, I just now ordered 2 things from Crafts for Skylar!! One is a Christmas soap making kit on clearance for $3.00 and the other is a candle painting kit, also on clearance for $3.00! They will be delivered Site-to-Store, no shipping charges!   I also have 2 dollar store stuffed animals for my donation box.

I hope to have Skylar in December again this year and we can do these crafts together. Then she’ll have gifts to give to mommy and daddy and her big brother when she goes back home!  I’m not a fan of candles (they scare me) so I will cut the wicks and just let them be works of art 🙂

What did you pick up last week?  Did you find any good places that we should shop? Leave a comment letting us know!

NEW GOAL: Let’s try to pick up one gift this week that is at  least 50% off!  We will report our finds next Sunday. Also pick up one donation gift if you are doing that part of the challenge.

You can join this Christmas Challenge at any time, so hop on board! Please leave a comment below letting us know if you are just joining as I am keeping track of how many we have in our happy little group. So far there are 33 of us 🙂


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