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Christmas Challenge Update – Target 90% OFF Easter Clearance

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Last week I set a goal where we were all supposed to pick something up from Easter Clearance and use it for Christmas!  I picked up one tiny thing… plastic Easter eggs for a whopping $.15 (which I actually got for free)!  I am going to fill those with Halloween Clearance treats after Halloween and will stuff the Halloween filled Easter eggs into Skylar’s Christmas stocking! I think that will be a hoot!

Did you pick up anything this week for the Christmas Challenge?  I know you might be dragging your feet thinking you have sooooo much time to shop.  But I promise, a little at a time starting NOW will work wonders!

I see reports that Target has Easter Clearance marked down 90% off which inclued 5 packs of Hot Wheels for $.49!  They supposedly have an Easter egg design on the package, but they don’t look too Easter-ish to me! lol


If you want to get in on the Christmas Challenge, read this and just start doing it!

Thanks for the Target pic, LRWC!


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3 comments to Christmas Challenge Update – Target 90% OFF Easter Clearance

  • Lori Ann

    I have bought a ridiculous amount of stuff this past week! LOL
    I bought a few items at Children’s Place. I also hit up Target and got some great stuff such as .30 books! I also found some cute little Barbies that had bunny ear headbands and easter baskets on their wrists. So cute! And at Sears this week – I scored big on clothes for the whole family. All of their green dot clearance is now 3.99! Even men’s sweaters!

  • Wendy B.

    Hi, I’m doing it, I promise! (just haven’t posted yet) Will do an all together post soon 🙂

  • Trish

    I am having fun with the Christmas Challenge, I bought my daughter a ‘Radio City, Christmas Puzzle”….When we have had company in and out over the holidays in the passed we have had a puzzle set out on a table and over the course of a few days everyone has a hand in completing it. So I found a Christnas themed 500 piece puzzle for $3.00 in Walmart clearance. My daughter will get it as a gift and will get us started on it I am sure!!
    I bought her a purple and pink striped scarf at the Christmas Tree Shop for 48 cents. Also, at the Christmas tree shop today they were selling all of their St Patricks Day Items for 10 cents per item. I bought each one of my children a full size Irish Flag and will give them those for Christmas, They make great wall decorations in their dorm rooms!! 10 cents each!!!So FUN!!!