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** FOR REAL ** Snickers Bars Only 8 CENTS thru 4/6 at CVS with Printable Coupon

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BOGO SNICKERS Bar and Peanut Butter Squared Bar

Guess what I did?  I ran over to CVS yesterday to use up my bogo Snickers coupons!  And guess what again?  There is a double dip on the sale!  One sale is that the bars are Buy 1, Get one at $.25.  The other sale is buy 2 or more at regular price, get them for $1.00 each.  Here’s how I put those two sales together to make this work…

Here’s the deal at CVS through 4/6
(this deal is confirmed in Sanford, other stores may vary)

TIP: You must do this deal exactly as I show you for it to work, and Sanford CVS has plenty of stock! Be sure you grab the right bars!

Buy (2) Snickers bars, 1.86 oz,  B1 at $1.19 G1 at $.25
Buy (2) Snickers Peanut Butter Squared bars, 1.78 oz, B1 at $1.19 G1 at $.25
since you bought 2 at reg price, 2 will ring up at $1.00 each, and 2 at $.25 each
Use (2) B1G1 FREE Snickers printable coupon (up to $1.10)
the coupons will deduct a total of $2.20
Final price is $.30 for 4 Snickers bars, so only $.08 each!
plus $.13 tax for mainers, total $.43

I did this deal multiple times and it worked each time!  If you buy only 2, you will pay more for 2 than you pay for 4, so buy at least 4 at a time (you could also buy 6, 8, 10 at a time and it will work out to $.08 each, just don’t buy only 2).  I had 12 coupons total from previous prints plus reset prints and ended up with 24 Snickers for my mother’s candy drawer… which was almost empty!  Phew!


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3 comments to ** FOR REAL ** Snickers Bars Only 8 CENTS thru 4/6 at CVS with Printable Coupon

  • Susan Hunter

    I also got a 75 cent coupon out of the red machine off two Snickers 2 to go and was able to make this a money maker

  • Wendy B.

    🙁 no CVS here

  • Alyssa

    I just stopped at CVS this afternoon to do the deal but I worried they would only take .25 off for the free one! Maybe I will try tomorrow!