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Awwww…. look how my son celebrated Father’s Day

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My son Derrick is such a good daddy!  He got a mani and pedi with Skylar for Father’s Day!  Now, whose idea do you think that was?  By the look on Derrick’s face… not his! lol  However, that’s what Skylar gave him as a gift for Father’s Day, so he went with the flow 🙂


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3 comments to Awwww…. look how my son celebrated Father’s Day

  • beatriz

    This is so incredibly sweet that it makes me almost tear up lol.. what an awesome dad!!!

  • Darlene

    Yes, I’ll be getting my nails done for sure! I can’t wait.

  • Sharon

    He looks extatic…on the other hand, Skylar is enjoying herself. Watch out, get the free nail polish out and be prepared…you’re going to be getting nails done next week.