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Market Basket Flyer for Week 6/9 – 6/15 so Sanford Walmart Shoppers can Price Match

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Price Match


I want to remind my Sanford shoppers that you can take the current Market Basket flyer over to Walmart and shop for any of the brand name items you see in the flyer using Market Basket’s prices!  This is an excellent way to save money, even if you don’t use coupons!  Have coupons? You can use them with a price match to save even more!

Market Basket Flyer for Week 6/9 – 6/15

NOTE: We are supposed to be able to price match meat and produce (lb for lb, each for each), but Sanford is having a little trouble with that. For now, stick to price matching brand names and you will be fine! I’ll work with them on meat and produce… lol

What You Need To Know: 

Tell the cashier you are doing a price match before they ring in your item. You might want to put a stickie on the item with the price so you don’t forget!  

Item must currently be on sale at Market Basket and must be advertised in the flyer.

You must buy the same item as you see in flyer (brand, size, count).

You do not need to have the other store’s flyer with you (Walmart’s policy says ad is not required) but always bring it if you can (they might have it at the register).

You can use coupons with a price match! Have them price match first, then use the coupons.

Always have a copy of Walmart’s price match policy and coupon policy with you!


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