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[CLOSED] ** CRAFTY CREW GIVEAWAY ** Win this Leaf Pendant Necklace made by Darlene

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One year ago, I started a craft blog called Darlene’s Crafty Crew.  Do you remember?  I worked hard on it for about 3 months, but I decided I did not have time to run both a coupon blog and a craft blog, so I let it go. 


I go just about crazy looking at deals, deals and more deals all day and night. I even have nightmares dream about deals.  I need to be able to look at other stuff that I like… and I love crafts!  So, I’m bringing my craft blog back. And since I didn’t back up the other blog, I lost every and have to rebuild it from scratch (UGH!)… live and learn!

I’m introducing my craft blog to you with a giveaway!  I will be having lots of giveaways on the new blog.  LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS!  Like so many, that you might get sick of them!  From now on, all my crafty giveaways will be over on my craft blog.

Enter my first official
Crafty Crew Giveaway!

The last time I had the craft blog, everyone thought I was making all the crafts I posted.  What????  Let me tell you something… I have ZERO time for crafts.  I spend every waking moment looking up deals! And that’s not going to change.  Deals first, crafts second. My craft blog is a basically a place to post fun things that I find on the web during those few minutes per day that I’m not looking at deals. Ya gotta give me those few minutes to relax! lol

Please be patient with the new blog.  It will take time for me to build it back up. You’ll see lots of changes along the way. If you like quick and easy crafts for all ages, either to try out or just to look at, you will love Darlene’s Crafty Crew.  I hope it soon becomes your second favorite blog 😉


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