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How to Shop the $5.00 OFF 10 Items Sale at Shaw’s This Week

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As you may know, Shaw’s has a Mega Sale going on now through 8/8.  For this sale, you get $5 deducted at the register for every 10 participating items that you buy. You can buy as many groups of 10 as you want in one transaction, mix and match, and you will get the $5.00 off for each group.

I’m already getting lots of reports that shoppers are not getting their $5.00 off.  Scanners can make mistakes.  It happens!  But, most of the time, if you do not get your discount, it’s because you might have screwed up a bit.  It happens!  Even I screw up… hee hee!

Here are some things you need to do to make sure you have smooth sailing at the register! Some of these tips will help you for all your shopping trips, not just the mega sale!

Make sure you bought participating items!

This is the most important step! Not all varieties are included.  You must read the shelf tags. Items get shifted so check carefully!  You need to pick up the exact size and variety that is included in the sale.  If you buy 10 and one is not the right item, you will not get your $5.00 off.

Make sure you buy in groups of 10!

I know it’s easy to count to 10, but when you are a frazzled couponer who might be making changes to their basket while trying to mix and match to your liking, suddenly counting to 10 not so easy to do!  lol

Keep your shopping cart and coupons organized!

Don’t just toss all your stuff in the cart.  Make sections of your groups of 10 items.  And as you pick your items, pull your coupons and put them in an envelope to use at the register! I have an envelope marked Check Out!

Shop with blinders on!

This is not a good time to pick up other stuff you might want or need.  Stick to your sale list!  It’s confusing enough without tossing other items in your cart.

Send only 10 items at a time through the scanner!

You do not have to do separate transactions, but for sure you must place your items on the belt 10 at a time!  Instruct everyone around you to be QUIET so you can concentrate… lol.  Stare at the screen without blinking.  When the 10 items are scanned, you should see your $5.00 deduction. If it shows up, send the next 10 items through.  If not, stop right there and check those 10 items to see if something might not be right!  If you are flustered and not sure what is going on, you have all the right in the world to have them take those 10 items off your list and have them put them aside. They will do it, no problem. Never feel obligated or feel bad. If the stores have Mega Sales, they need to accomodate when there are Mega Bumps! Then you can check to see if that group of 10 contained all the correct items.  If it did, try again. If you still don’t get the discount, tell them you double checked and they should push it through for you.

Arrange your coupons!

Then you have them scan your coupons, put them in groups with alternating values. Then it’s easier to see what’s happening on the screen. I give (4) $.75 off then maybe (4) $1 off then (4) $.75 off again.  Breaking it up like this makes it easy to count how many are actually getting deducted.  If you only have one value, like if you have (4) $.75 for one thing and (4) $.75 for another thing, don’t be afraid to hand over just 4 at a time, have them scan, listen to the beeps, watch the screen, and if you have a doubt, speak up!  If you want, you can have them scan your coupons after each group of 10 so you don’t have to do it all at the end.

Know what your total should be!

I know it’s impossible to come up with an exact total before you hit the store because chances are good you will have to change your list in the store.  Here’s what I do… and I do this EVERY TIME I SHOP!  Every time.  As I toss something in the cart, I jot down how much I will pay after all discounts and coupons.  So, if I have 4 hamburger helpers and I know I’m supposed to pay $.39 each, I’ll jot down 4 hamb help $1.56. Everything that goes into the cart gets put on the list. Then I take my handy dandy calculator and add it all up.  You might think this is a time consuming task, but it’s way less time consuming than fixing problems after the fact! If you learn to keep track of your total as you go, I promise you will cut your stress levels way down, and you will thank me for teaching your this good habit!

Last but not least, start out small!

Once again, I know many people say you can’t split transactions because it’s against Shaw’s coupon policy. I promise you will not be hauled out in handcuffs if you shop twice!  Here’s the actual wording… Transactions may not be separated for the purpose of circumventing coupon policies.  If you are doing complicated deals and want to split them to make it easier, you are not splitting transactions for the purpose of circumvening coupon policies. You are splitting for the sake of your sanity and for the sanity of those around you, especially the cashier! I suggest you do one transaction, put it in the car, go back.  If you think the manager might hunt you down and tell you that you can’t shop again (lol) talk to them before you shop!  Go right up to the front end and introduce yourself. Tell them you are a new couponer and you are nervous and confused so you want to do small, quick and easy transactions so you can learn how it works and to not stress out the cashier. Show them your list so they can see your plan and tell them you will not hold up the line as you will take your turn after each transaction.  Ask if they mind! It’s all about intention. If your intentions are good, they will be good with it!

If it still goes wrong, go back!

If you get home and you see that something went wrong, take your receipt with you next time you shop and go to customer service.  Point out the boo boo and get your refund.

Have fun!

Couponing is a lot of work. It takes detailed planning and thick skin.  But it’s also a lot of fun. Start out with easy deals then work your way up to more complicated trips.  You do not have to do large hauls to be an extreme couponer!  It’s how much you save that makes you extreme, not how much you buy 🙂


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3 comments to How to Shop the $5.00 OFF 10 Items Sale at Shaw’s This Week

  • mikayla

    I have to get a refund over half the time I shop at Rockland Shaws. Most of the time because the sale prices aren’t in the system. One week I had to go back 3 times to get money back for 1 item.

  • Bethany

    Thank you so much for this, especially the ‘totaling as you go’ tip. That will keep my stress level WAY down, haha. New to this so I’m always so nervous!

  • victoria

    went shopping yesterday at shaws and got 20 Hamb Helpers and 10 GM ceraels didn’t even think to look at the receipt for the
    -5.00 so I shall go and look through just to be sure, I just assumed it would be right!LOL!