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I can’t believe all the new coupons we got!  I noticed that some of them came out last night, but I turned off the ‘puter and hit the hay because I knew if I started posting them, I’d never get to bed!

I will be posting ALL DAY and well into the night today and again tomorrow, provided nothing happens to stop me from doing so.  And I’m going to try to squeeze a few giveaways in the there too, and hopefully some Lightning Rounds so a few of you can win klip2save gift certificates to use on all the new insert coupons that will be coming out!

Let’s get started!  I want you to check out the new coupons on Coupons.com.  I see a few good ones to go with the Shaw’s sale and I’ll be posting those deals! You can play with zip codes to see different coupons!  Try 12345, 30303, 77477 and 90210.  Have fun!!!

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