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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Subscribe to Darlene’s Crafty Crew!

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About three weeks ago, I decided to bring Darlene’s Crafty Crew back to life.  It’s a craft blog that I started a year ago, but I gave it up simply because I didn’t have the time to run it like I wanted to. Letting the crafty crew go was a tough decision and I’ve regretted it ever since.  I know in my heart saying bye bye to that blog was the wrong decision.

Now I am rebuilding Darlene’s Crafty Crew and I have scheduled the time to make it work!  Crafts have been a life long passion of mine, and although I really don’t have much time for crafting these days, I get tons of pleasure just looking at crafts during my off time (p.s. there’s really no off time with me… lol). My hope is that I will be inspired to get back to crafting by sharing my finds with you. I need to get back to my creative side.  I kind of lost myself in the sea of coupons… you know what I mean?

I would love to bring you all over to my new blog so we can have new stuff to do together!  Maybe you are a crafter to who has let it go. Or maybe you have never crafted in your life but would love to try. Or maybe you have bored kids who need something fun and creative to do. No matter what the deal is (pun intended), I want to turn your crafty on!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Subscribe to Darlene’s Crafty Crew!

1.  There will be lots of giveaways!  I have tons of new craft projects sitting here in boxes that were all meant to be sold on eBay back when I was known as D-Zines by Darlene (I sold on eBay for 11 years).  I quit eBay when I started couponing and I currently have no desire to go back to selling. So, I will be giving away all kinds of stuff!  I have heaps of handmade jewelry, thousands (yes, thousands) of beautiful handmade paper beads, various knitted and crocheted projects, and many other goodies… all to be given away! You must be a verified email subscriber on the new blog to win any of those giveaways, so you might as well subscribe now so you’ll be ready to enter! There are giveaways going on right now… go enter!

2. There will be fun games and activities!  I will be coming up with fun games and activities to keep us entertained. And not only for you, but for your kids too!  And there will be prizes!  Just like with the giveaways, you must be a verified crafty crew email subscriber to win prizes, so you may as well get a jump on it!

3.  You will love the crafts!  You don’t have to be a crafter to enjoy looking at the crafts I will be sharing with you. Sometimes just seeing something crafty will give you ideas and inspire you to branch out and do your own thing. And it’s really going to be more than just crafts. There will be something for everyone!

4.  You will love the crafty food!  I’ve always been big on serving food that is fun to look at.  Even the fussiest kids will eat their fruits and veggies if they are disguised as little critters or presented in unusual ways.  I will be sharing ways to make lots of decorative foods for everyday life and for the holidays. And since I’ll still be posting all the coupon deals, I’ll know what kind of foods we have excess of and need to use up!

5.  You will make me happy!  You really want to make me happy, right? Right? (lol) If you subscribe to my new blog, you will make me very, very happy. Like over the moon happy! (let’s make that a paper mache moon).  Also, if you subscribe now, you will be notified when all the fun stuff starts happening and you’ll never miss a thing.  Then when Darlene’s Crafty Crew is the next big blog to hit the universe (I can dream, can’t I?) you can say you were with me from the beginning. And I want you with me… ’cause I need you!

How did I do?  Did I convince you?  I hope so!

Please Subscribe to my Darlene’s Crafty Crew daily email. You will also need to check your email to verify. The daily email currently comes out between 7pm and 9pm.
Please “like” my Darlene’s Crafty Crew facebook page.  We’ll all be getting chatty over there very soon. I can’t wait to find out how many of you have a crafty side!

Please be patient while I rebuild Darlene’s Craft Crew blog.  It’s a work in progress. I aim to make it a fun place for us to do something other than couponing. Maybe I’ll turn you into a craft addict too!

Thank you!  ~D~


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