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Here are some holiday party tips that may help you with any little mishaps

Salt removes red-wine carpet stains.
Don’t cry over spilled sangria. Quickly pour some white wine over onto the spot while it’s still wet to dilute the color. Then blot the area with a dry sponge, and sprinkle with salt. Wait about ten minutes before vacuuming up the mess.

Hot towels uncork a stubborn wine bottle.
Run a towel under hot water and then wrap around the neck of the bottle. The heat will help the glass neck of the bottle to expand just enough to make the cork easier to pull out.

Ice cubes remove stuck-on candle wax.
Don’t scratch your nice mahogany table by scraping at stuck-on candle wax. Instead, put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and rest it on the offending wax until it becomes brittle, allowing you to easily peel it off with a spatula or credit card.

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