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** IMPORTANT REMINDER ** Get Ready for the 1st of the Month… Get Your INK!!!

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Every time we turn the page to the 1st of the month, I get readers crying because they are out of ink.  I want you to be prepared this month, and if you need ink, go out and get it before June 1st!

I will let you know 2 of my sources for ink and laser toner.  I use DuraECO for toner and ezink123 for ink, both on eBay. I’m not sure you can get it in time for the 1st, but you might want to check their prices for future reference.

I am often asked what kind of printer I use.  I use an old HP LaserJet 1020 and I pay about $16 for a twin pack of toner and it lasts me forever.  In fact, I just checked and the last time I ordered was Sept of 2012… a year ago!  Very cheap to run.  I can’t believe Amazon even has this printer… but they do! The prices vary as some are used.  If you can get a very cheap used one, it might be worth it! See here.


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