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I am so proud to say that I was finally able to take a pic from my phone and send it to my computer via texting to my email.   Listen to me… I almost sound like I know what I’m saying!

Here’s my little Shaw’s shopping trip that I made sure to do today.  I soooo wanted those onions and the dish soap! Before I give you the breakdown, I want to remind you that I have 2 savingstar accounts and 2 separate tags for Shaw’s. So I double up!

I did 2 separate transactions.

On one transaction I got 5.02 lbs of onions.  On the other transaction, I got 4.97 lbs but they still took my coupon (supposed to be 5 lb, but I was close enough).

I got…
(2) 5 lb bags of Vidalia onions on sale for $.69/lb (sale ends 5/18), total $6.89
(2) Ajax dish soap at $1.00 each, total $2.00
(2) Wild Harvest baby food at $.79 each, total $1.58
total $10.47

I used…
(2) $.50/1 onions 5lb or more (coupons doubled)
(2) 20% off onions savingstar offers (two separate accounts/tags) (will get $1.38 back)
(2) $1/1 Wild Harvest product in Big Book of Savings (in the store) (I got them FREE plus the overage)
(2) 100% refund on Ajax from savingstar (two separate accounts/tags) (will get $2.00 back making them FREE)

After coupons and after I get my savingstar refunds, my total is only $3.09!

Thanks for helping me with my phone, everyone!!!



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